Thursday, 26 February 2015

How I started to travel

Hi uols!

Alright, I wanna share with uols how I started to travel. Actually, it's not that I've never been overseas or never been to somewhere outside KL. I've been to Kuching, Kota Kinabalu (I even hiked Mount Kinabalu ok) and Bandung, Indonesia before when I'm still studying and most of the expenses were paid by either my mother or sister. Hihi eh I went to Penang last couple of years too.

After I got a job and met Mr. A, that's when I started to plan to get married and never thought about travelling. Well, the hopeless romantic side of me keep on thinking that get married first and I will travel with my lifetime travel partner (husband) later. Sounds simple and very fairytale (puii) but, things went the other way around and I spent the past 3 years of my life in misery (broken hearted lah gitchu. lol). So, what had happened next?

Yup, after all the misery thingy, heartache here and there, bla bla blaa or ‘rabak’ la senang cerita kan, I woke up one day and said to myself "Let's go wherever I wanna go and see the world". Like, why not right? I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna get married anytime soon, then checked my bank account, tabung babi (piggy bank) and so I used all my savings for travelling (muahahaha).

And it all started when my sister had job training in Belgium OMG job training overseas wehh (jealous gila pfftt) last year. She had to go there for 4 weeks camtu (3 weeks training + 1 week cuti) and asked me to come over on the third week. Pergh perghh susah gila nak decide because it's quite last minute and for sure the flight ticket wasn’t cheap. Plus, the weather, currency exchange rate, accommodation, and my broken English (hehehe), etc etc. But I decided to go anyway because she promised me she'll buy the ticket first and I can pay later by instalments (OMG yeyy!).

Tapiiii.. I am not confident at all masa tu because it's a big big step ok because I'm not a traveller, I haven't go to many places in Malaysia (not even Langkawi) but I'm going to Europe, can I survived the weather (tak tahan sejuk tak tahan panas sangat), will I be able to converse in English and will they understand, can I stand not to have 'sambal' in my daily meals, bla bla blaa and all. Hmm.

Tapi pergi jugak la kan.

So, how's my adventure in Europe? (next entry) 

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Tot ziens (goodbye)!


  1. salam kak.. sy suka la bace entry akak ni.. akak cpatla update akak..