Thursday, 25 June 2015

#KLRayaFest2015 by Mood Republik

Hi uols!

It's been a while since my last post hehe quite busy with work and life (if any). So, let's skip my Europe Trip for now because I have an announcement to make!

*drum roll*


KL Raya Fest 2015 by Mood Republik yaww! Wuhuu!

Do come to the number 1 Raya Festival (probably the biggest fest in town) this July 11 - 13! I will be joining 'Hot Mummy' and her bff there. So, bring lotsa money ok and drop by to our little cute booth (location will be updated later). We have few numbers of design for Jubah & Jude. Wait, what is 'Jude'? Ahah! To know more, come to the fest and don't forget to follow the instagram for more upcoming updates.

Till then..duuu~

p/s: Happy fasting & happy shopping!

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