Wednesday, 29 July 2015

[Summary of Expenses] - Europe Trip 2014

Hi all,

As promised previously, I would share with you guys my total expenses for Europe Trip 2014. Please note that, cost for accommodation in Brussels and London are not included since it was fully sponsored by Along (lucky me! hehehe). Some items might applicable to you and some might not or you can adjust accordingly to your plan and budget. This is solely my summary and I wouldn't be held responsible if your budget is burst. Gitew ayat hahahahah. Please also be reminded that you can refer to my costing but you're not allowed to declare it as your own. Ok? :)

I might consider to write up a post on tips for this trip or maybe some general travel tips especially for a woman for your info and reference. Until then, hope you have the idea to allocate/ adjust your budget. Do ask if you have any queries. Ok bye!


  1. sejak update blog yurop ni, speaking pon yurop.. hahahahha.. nyah emel aku terus pls.. mata aku x nmpk kecik2 ni.. thanks.. nk print pass kat aku pon ok.. u know where I sit kan? blkg ko je dlm opis ni.. lempar roket kertas pon smpi.. hahahahha

    1. sis, da email sis. adik sis ni memang baik hati lg gojes. thx sis